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Here is a little history of me and what I do.
This business journey started as a reaction to finding out the hard way about the importance of balance between MINDSET, NUTRITION and EXERCISE & RECOVERY when it comes to health. An imbalance of these can have destructive results, as I found out.

We are all too aware that a combination of not moving enough and eating too much has negative consequences on our health. Although I have always been health conscious there have been times in my life when I have been carrying too much fat, but I have also been a slave to over-exercising and undereating; a self-destructive combination!

A mindset of eating less and moving more was something that I had grown up reading in magazine articles. However, the reality to a healthy body and way of life is to find the balance that is right for you and the goals that you have.
The height of my problems was in my mid-twenties; I had two children and a hard-working Husband in the infancy of setting up his business. I was also working part-time and running for exercise with the occasional spin class if I could squeeze it in!

I was in a constant whirlwind of guilt that I was not supporting everbody enough. Emotionally and physically drained, I hit rock bottom and decided I needed to do something to break the cycle.

Initially inspired by mentors at the time, I decided to take the leap, step out of my comfort zone, and return to student-life. As a Wife and mother of two it was certainly a challenge. But this was my passion and I wanted to help myself break out of the vicious cycle I had found myself in.

I was inspired even further by my findings and began changing the way I was living by simplifying things. In turn I began to see gradual changes to my body and mind. I started eating to support my body, not starve it. I began exercising for strength gain. I implemented mindset strategies.

Over time I developed a sustainable plan. Knowing how to train to best effect, eating
to support my goals and keeping tabs on my mindset was key.

I broke down each stage into steps and concentrated on one thing at a time. It’s the little things that I did and still do that have the greatest impact. It was a big challenge, but the best decision I could have made.

Having lived through the experiences that I hear other women struggle with, I felt compelled to help others in their journey.

Although there has certainly been a shift in information and a boom in the wellness industry, I still hear first-hand from the people that I care about – this community, that confusion plays a big part when it comes to knowing exactly what to do to be in the best health.

There is never a one size fits all approach, but there is certainly a SIMPLICITY to it all in our guides. I strongly believe that a step-by-step approach has longevity; you will not fad crash diets here, because when you create a sustainable approach you won’t need to panic. Quick weight loss plans are too often the cause of self destructive behaviour – pairing calorie restriction and sudden increase in activity might leave you lighter….. but what has been lost? Water, yes. Muscle mass, yes. Your sanity?

Restriction of any kind is not sustainable and will at some point lead to bingeing, metabolic damage, not to mention a lack of self love.

My personal belief is that a healthy approach of applying a realistic eating plan, combined with mindful strategies and exercise that works with your lifestyle is a balanced plan for the long-term. You can jump off the hampster wheel of yo-yo dieting and actually live your life knowing that you are in great shape, healthy and happy.

I love to educate women about the importance of creating the mindset that will enable them to see a challenge through to completion. I have heard many stories of beginning a fitness regime or diet and not seeing it through. Working on strategies that will help you overcome hurdles when things get tough is powerful and will no doubt lead to successes along the way. Things get tough sometimes, that’s life, but it’s knowing how to get through those tough bits that’s important.

When mindset has been addressed, looking at nutrition and recovery strategy comes next. Knowing what foods to eat and when can have a huge impact on energy, hormones and body composition.

Finally, implementing exercise that promotes muscle gain and maintainenance will create tone, and paired with the correct nutrition, lean body mass. Not skinny, just healthy, lean and strong.

Sharing what I have learnt, turned a negative into a positive and I’m consistently rewarded by seeing so many women benefiting from the results that they have achieved with my help.

If you are confused, please reach out here. You will be guided and supported by others who understand.


My plan for the future is to continue to help others realise their full potential by leading a balanced and healthy life