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12th July 2017by foxy0

I would like nothing more than to help you to create a positive and strong mindset and I’m excited to launch my first finding balance guide to set you on your way. Finding Balance

Why do I believe that Mindset is the foundation of achieving goals? Because simply put I understand that change is difficult for most people.
Have you ever made a big resolution and struggled to fulfill it? Does that leave you feeling worse than when you started?
I’ve been there. I’ve struggled too.

Things can get tough sometimes – finding that elusive ‘balance’. Juggling work, social life, family, and time for you can be tricky.
Through my own experiences, struggles and achievements, I have found a more balanced approach to living when I have incorporated dedicated time to focus on my health and mindset.

Being in the best of health has a huge knock on effect that carries over into all areas of my life. Whether it is running about with the kids in the park, having energy at the end of the day to do the household chores, or to simply plan my next goal.

Knowing how to implement strategies that work and have lasting impact is the result of commitment and consistency for sure, but also about opening up to new ideas and learning about how I can make small improvements to my wellbeing.

The Fox Phys. tried and tested guides are about learning how to implement small changes that you can chip away at. My belief in success is keeping things simple and realistic. Giving you little tasks that will fit into everyday life makes for manageable and positive steps towards success.

Being patient is part of the process, and by doing so, a solid foundation will be created that will produce results for the long-term. You will learn how to live a healthy lifestyle and build a strong and able body through mindset, nutrition and phys. one step at a time. This will lead to sustainability and achievement – not fad dieting, exercising to excess, and failing.

Working on mindset will help you to develop a strong approach to any challenge that you set your mind to; self-improvement at it’s best!

To help you on your way the Fox Phys. Finding Balance Guide is available now… stop thinking, start doing!

Finding Balance

Hannah x



Hi, I’m Hannah. I am the founder of Fox Phys. I am also a Wife, Mum of two, an athlete, and lover of Burpees and Peanut Butter!

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