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20th September 2017by foxy0

Hey Ladies,

If you haven’t already heard, we’ve teamed up with @Fitfluence to bring you the brand new ‘Community Fit Hub’ … it’s a place where our community can connect with others on their fitness journey to feel supported, ask questions, take part in challenges and competitions. It’s for YOU and it’s totally free to join… go check it out!

This week we have launched our first community challenge ‘simple swap’. Lots of our ladies have already started making positive changes that will benefit their health for the long-term.

As we are a community, it’s important that we take on these challenges together and support one another. I’m totally in on it too… see below

What’s the most stressful time in your day? Is there a way that you could reduce stress levels during that period?

For me it’s post school pick-up when I’m still working, whilst helping kids with homework, feeding them and me, and running them to various clubs.
Instead of panicking in the moment which inevitably leads to elevated levels of stress hormones, I’m making a ‘simple swap’ this week and preparing each meal the evening before… right now I’m calm and in control!

I promised to share a few recipes that I have prepared the evening before to make my week less stressful… here’s one of them.



Hi, I’m Hannah. I am the founder of Fox Phys. I am also a Wife, Mum of two, an athlete, and lover of Burpees and Peanut Butter!

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