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7th September 2017by foxy0

Do you want to be successful and totally smash through those goals?

I’m here to help with practical tips that will help you to stay positive and focused in your pursuits 💕

By creating mindset strategies first and foremost, you will be better equipped to face the challenges that lie ahead, thus leading to positive and successful outcomes.

Throughout my journey to date I have encountered many hurdles and have had to learn how to overcome them. Now I’d like to share a few of the strategies that I have used to help you on your way…

1. Be clear about the goal

It’s fantastic that you have made the decision to live a healthier life, but do you know WHY you are making these changes?

It’s a good idea to question your decisions to better understand your intentions.

Is it because you want to avoid ill health and disease?

Are you aiming to take part in a fitness event and would like to train to be fitter?

Would you like to be able to hold your posture and avoid injury as you age?

Whatever your reason, you will be rewarded with a fail safe plan in the long run if you can stay focused from the outset.

2. How will you get there?

Now that you know why you are making changes you can focus more clearly on the ‘how’s’.

HOW are you going to achieve your goal?

Will you exercise 3 times per week?

Will you eat well rounded meals?

Maybe you will seek out accountability and work alongside a coach to help you stay on track.

Making a plan about how you will get there is quite possibly the most important thing you will do. A shotgun approach of just aiming to eat well and exercise often leads to downfall because there is no clear structure.

Be clear, know how you will reach your target by being specific. ‘I will do a 30 min at home workout on a Monday, go to Yoga on Wednesday and meet my PT on Friday IS specific. ‘I will do some exercise this week’ IS NOT specific.

3. Create a time frame to achieve

Once you have written down how you will achieve it, create a time frame in which you will work to.

Be realistic here. If your aim is to run a marathon and you are just starting out on a fitness plan, it would be realistic to give yourself enough time to train safely and effectively for the task at hand. From zero exercise to a marathon in a month is unrealistic, however, next year may be a good aim.

4. Write down all of the above in one place

A calendar, journal, or notebook is ideal. Being able to see your progress, tick off your accomplishments and review your successes and struggles will carry a great sense of achievement.

Work hard, stay focused and be proud.

5. Seek out a support network 

Always know that there are people around you to support you on your journey. Reach out for help and advice. Learning is part of the process and there are others that have met similar hurdles and overcome them. You don’t need to struggle alone.

I wish you the best of luck, now go get it…



Hi, I’m Hannah. I am the founder of Fox Phys. I am also a Wife, Mum of two, an athlete, and lover of Burpees and Peanut Butter!

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