Finding Balance


Make Tracks towards self-improvement;
one simple step at a time

Product Description

Your Mini Guide to Finding Balance –

Part of the Fox Phys. Philosophy is about learning the skills necessary to create a mindset ready to achieve anything.

In this package you will find guidance in the form of daily tasks focused on the three fundamental Fox Phys. Principals geared towards lasting change; MINDSET, NUTRITION & PHYS.

This guide is the perfect start for you if:

  • If you are looking to gently ease your way back towards healthier living
  • you are looking for a more mindful way of living but are not too sure where to begin
  • you would just like to try something new

Focus on each of these areas will lead to success for the long-term. By completing a 28-day challenge you will learn how to implement ‘little things’ into your daily life. Upon completion you will understand the steps to take to plan your next fool-proof goal and attack it with enthusiasm.


Finding Balance Guide Introduction

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